Whirligig Update

Well I did write a fairly long post about this yesterday, but lost it, somehow.

Anyway, I took a small break over the weekend since I finished Hoshi early and yesterday I resumed Whirligig.

First thing I implemented was a shell type window to go along with the shot type window.
I should probably explain the shell/shot/projectile types at this point.

Projectile types determine the size of destruction (there's 4 sizes).
Shot types determine whether the projectile will split after it's fired and into how many subsequent projectiles (1-5). The length of time before splitting can also be set.
Shell types determine what the projectile does on impact. This is the most complex and consists of bouncing (once or twice) or splitting (2 or 3 times) or a clusterbomb which explodes at the impact point and fires 4 other shots off.

I now need to finish building the GUI for these (timing for split shots and projectile type need implementing) then put together a shop.

The shop is needed because you will start with a limited number of each projectile. The only thing you'll have inifinite of is normal/normal/normal. Although this can all be changed in the options.

Basic gameplay will consist of a series of rounds (1-20). The shop can be set to be available mid-round or only at the end of each round.
After the rounds various stats will be shown with a 'score' winner, a 'kills' winner and a 'rounds' winner.

I don't think that's as clear as my original post about all this, unfortunately. If you've any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll try and clarify. Or you can wait a few days and I'll post some screenshots hopefully. ;o)

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