OpenTK pulled the old joystick code near the end of last year without me noticing. This essentially means Hoshi won't have joystick support like I wanted unless I cobble together a custom version of OpenTK.

This isn't a disaster, but it's annoying as I wanted to introduce Joystick support for some of the other games I have planned as well.
This is the exact post detailing the new input methods. You'll note the last post is "this won't be ready for v1.0."
Unfortunately the old code was pulled as part of the process of implementing the new, so whilst OpenTK will wave a flag and say "look! I has a stick!" it won't let you actually read any useful information from the joystick.

So that's about half a day wasted on that. :o(
Arse. And I drew a joystick icon as well.

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