Had a busy evening.
Most of the options menu now works. It's klunky horrible, horrible code, but it works.
It's completely centred on Hoshi, which means I can't re-use this menu code. Something I realised late today. Given the choice I'd do the entire thing differently, but it's close enough to completion  now to not be worth redoing. Next time I make a non-mouse menu I know what to do at least.

So what works?
 - Resolution changes (only 2 resolutions are supported, but you can change these to whatever you want in the options, initially they're set as 800x600 and 1280x800).
 - Moving to/from fullscreen. It's not ideal, OpenTK doesn't do this particularly well and I seem to lose a fair whack of performance (which I believe is actually Windows' fault), but it's there.
 - Changing between keysets and joystick.
 - Resetting the high score.

What's to implement?
 - Custom key changes.
 - Sound effects on/off (implementing sound first is a bit of a must for this one. ;o))

Additionally I added a refreshrate variable to the options file, so this can be changed by hand. It's set to 60 by default, which will be fine for TFTs but is generally unpleasant on CRTs.

Also: Options are saved on exit, not on change. So if you change some options then manage to crash the game (I've not managed it yet) then they won't be saved and neither will your highscore.
I know highscore editing is simple, but really, who benefits? ;o)

Also found and squashed a bug earlier where it was possible to spawn a bazillion enemies on level 1 and so use that to significantly boost your score. Whoops.

Still looking good for a Sunday release anyway. I worked out earlier that I'll have written the entire game in 26 days (started it on the 20th of April). Pretty sure that's a good achievement. :o)

Just a quick teaser, image of the options screen:

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