Quick UI taster

This is how far Whirligig has moved along:

As you can see, everything is labelled, the 'projectile', 'shell' and 'shot' types all have icons (although pretty crappy ones ;o)) Clicking on them opens a window like the shell type one shown, which is showing 'normal', 'bounce', 'double bounce', 'double split', 'triple split' and 'clusterbomb'.
A 'split time' counter has been added so you can see how that works.
Oh, and there's 3 players, which (as I think I stated) was possible back as far as the tech demo, I just used 2 players back then.

The window is busier than I'd like. I need to fit the number of shots/shells/projectiles on there yet, which will require some reshuffling. Also I've not implemented that part to the weapon-choice windows either. And still not started on the shop. Still, getting there slowly.

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