Discussion on future projects

Since I've effectively finished Hoshi now, which is effectively project 2 but will be the first released, I thought I'd better start looking at ideas for future projects.

I do have a fairly large accumulation of game ideas, but most are too big for a month project and are more in the 6 month to 2 year time frame which I'm best staying away from for now.

So, what will fit in a month? Well, I have a ideas for 2 platformers, but I lack the graphics and level design experience to manage these properly in a month. Both would (ideally) need level editors which would be a project in and of itself.
So, I'll be leaving these for now, but I'll come back to them.

So I've decided on two relatively boring concepts for projects three and four and I'll give you the reasoning for them:
Project three will be an arena shooter (player in the middle of a single room with a gun that can shoot in 8 directions with enemies approaching from every direction). I estimate this will take around 2 weeks to write the code, but the sprites will take a long while as I'm hopeless at pixel art, but the entire point of this project is to improve that aspect.

Project Four will be a single-room-platformer. Classic examples being Manic Miner or Jet Set Willy from the 8-bit era. Again I'm not expecting more than around 2 weeks to write the main code and another week for a level editor. Some artwork will be re-used from project 3 (I may make this a sequel of sorts). The primary goal of this project is to experiment in level design and see what I can learn.

So, there you have it, projects three and four. Estimated (but not solid) release dates will be mid-July for 3 and mid-August for 4.

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