General update

I've been lazy this week and not done any work on Whirligig. Hence the lack of updates here.

What I have been doing is playing Merentha again. Which is a MUD (an early multiplayer RPG, generally with far more involved systems than more modern MMORPGs).
Used to play it all the time, but it gets a bit of a grind so I play on and off since it's free.
No pretty graphics, it's all text-based, but the base gameplay is unrivalled by MMORPGs imo.

Err, that's pretty much it. I won't get any work done this weekend since I'm in Scotland for a stag do (not mine!)

The only real bit of news on Whirligig I guess I've for is that I started the shop on Monday then thought I had a serious UI problem, so I played Merentha whilst I thought it over and realised I didn't have a problem. :oP
Just need to put UI components together, but as I've stated before I don't enjoy that aspect of coding at all.

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