Nearly done!

Hoshi is finished for all intents and purposes. With the exception of the Options menu.
All other bugs are niggling:
 - Boss AI currently gets confused and sometimes lost due to lacking position-correction. This only happens whilst escort ships are still around, once they're dead the AI works. The position correction is easy to fix, hopefully the AI is as well.
 - Stars are still somewhat confused from my X axis mix-up, this is easy to fix.
 - Enemy AI does still get confused with arena borders. This should be easily fixable.

Additionally I'm having second thoughts about the 3-shots-to-kill enemies. It shows off the shield animation better, but they're a bit of a pain to kill.
I may drop it to two shots and make it so only 3 need to crash into you in rapid succession to kill you instead of the current 4.

So, I should have an RC tech demo by the end of the day.

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