Quick Hoshi update

Obviously the election stuff has dragged on a lot longer than I thought it had and in between a friend's birthday party and the Spanish Grand Prix I got near enough no code done this weekend.

However, today I've had quite a productive afternoon, so I'll outline what now works in addition to before.
Firstly there's a menu:

Which is fairly basic, but will do for now.
Options still doesn't work, but most of the basic framework is in there, just needs fully implementing.

I've finished adding the final few pieces of game code, which means the game actually plays now as it will when finished, that means all AI (including boss), special bullets and wave re-plays are implemented.
However there's no indication what wave you're on, nor score indicator (although both are stored internally).
I'm expecting to have everything implemented either tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday at which point I'll have a choice.

First, I could just release it at that point, however there will be no sound implemented. Sound is a bit of a funny area with OpenTK. It uses OpenAL, which is a separate download on Windows and may require the player to go do download and ./configure things on Linux, which is less than ideal.
Also, OpenAL breaks 64-bit support on Windows, which means telling the application to run in 32-bit mode. There's no 64-bit version of OpenAL for Windows as of this moment and it's possible there won't be in the foreseeable future.
I may be able to get round these at some point in the future but right now it's a bit of a show stopper for sound effects.

I do have a solution, but it's not ideal.
Distribute multiple binaries.
It's fairly easy for me to create a non-sound binary alongside one with sound. I just don't call OpenAL in the no sound one and so it will run with most compatibility.

There's a further solution to all this, and that is compiling and distributing an OpenAL DLL and linux shared object alongside the executable. I'd rather not go this route just yet though as compiling OpenAL soft under Windows is somewhat daunting, but it would fix the 32/64-bit issue.

Another word on Joystick support. If you followed the link I made in my last post you'll not that Fiddler said the issue was fixed in OpenTK's svn. I've downloaded and compiled that and I'm still having the same issue at the moment. This is unfortunate but not seriously threatening. I still have my full keyboard support which will be fine on any keyboard that allows 3 keys to be used at once (all, else ctrl-alt-del wouldn't be usable ;o))

So that's where I stand. I'll go get Score and Wave notifications implemented so I can work on the Options screen tomorrow.

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