Minor update

Not a lot to report really, all current work is pulling together UI parts. It's pretty boring stuff.

Have I mentioned I hate UI work? ;o)
Unfortunately most of the rest of this project is UI work now. The only bit that isn't really is the AI and level generator.

The level generator will just create 3 (or half the number of players, whichever is lower) planets and make sure they're spaced far enough apart then randomly locate the players making sure they're never closer than 90 degrees on a planet.
There may be some occasions on small planets where players get placed close together, but these should be rare(ish).

The AI I'm unsure how to do... I think I'll just have the projectile report back how close to an enemy the shot was and have the AI adjust from there. I could probably write in a load of simulation code that would make the AI dead smart, but I think a simple "how near am I?" setup will work well enough for the level of game I'm aiming at this. Were it a commercial product I'd bung in several AI levels, including a genius one that never missed. ;o)

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