Music playback

Music playback now works for WAV files.

Things are progressing slower than I'd like, but that can't be helped.

Just tying the music playback into the enemy generation right now so I can start fiddling and see what works best for generating enemies.


The story so far.

So what is the game?
Well it takes an idea that Audiosurf has brought to the forefront, that is to take a user's music and create content from that.
This means every single song on your hard drive is a completely new "level" to play, which provides a lot of levels for some people. :o)

Taking from another genre: The sideways scrolling shooter, the idea is to have the music time bullet shots and enemy spawns. The user just moves the ship around and tries to rack up as high a score as possible.

Exactly how well this will work I'm currently unsure, will see.
Right now I've the skeleton of a sideways scroller with all the music analysis code still to do (big job).

Start of an era?

Creating this blog purely to track my indie game development project (hopefully projects).

Currently the game has no name and isn't very far along, hoping to change this quickly. :o)
Codename is just simply "audiogame" which I'll use for tagging throughout.
Once I have some gameplay running I'll post a youtube video.