More boring UI progress.

Pretty much all the key in-game UI is now done. Although not thoroughly tested, which will come at a later date.

The in-game logic for the UI is also done, take this screenshot for example:

You'll note there's no "Fire!" button. This is because the player doesn't have enough of this projectile type (would need 12 -- 3 bounce split x 4 normal split).
I will add a message for these occasions at some point (so I guess the in-game UI isn't finished ;o))

Another quick screenie:

This shows an instance when the player can fire, just a three-way split with a normal shell.
When a player has an infinite number of a weapon type, the infinity symbol is used.

Not shown in these screenies is the shot/shell/projectile windows that now also have the numbers of each type left as well.
So, as I've been saying for the past few days. Shop next!

Quick edit: Yes, I do know the labels are wonky, I've just fixed that. ;o) I should also point out that the "Split At" tools only appear when a relevant shot type is selected and aren't there the rest of the time as they're not relevant. Prevents confusion. ;o)

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