A return

Resurrecting this blog as I'm taking part in 2013's One Game A Month project (http://http://www.onegameamonth.com/) and my original game-a-month project back in 2010 was one of the reasons I started this blog.

I'm on the site as 'phillmwebster' as that's my Twitter handle (http://www.twitter.com/phillmwebster/)

Not really sure which game ideas I'll be using for the projects. I may start off small with the 2 ideas I had for my old game-a-month project (simple arena-style and single-room platformer) and see where I go from there.

I will be re-using my C#/OpenTK library that I used for Hoshi and Whirligig in the past. At least for the first two projects. This is mostly because it's tried and tested and very easy to throw sprites around with.
I may drop into Flash and/or Unity for some of the later ones. Using Python is another possibility, but I'd be learning the language from scratch so would have to see.

Talking of Whirligig I have done some small additional work on it, but it still lacks the viability of a release as there's no real UI outside of a game so all the player names, amounts, etc are still hardcoded. I'll poke around with it some more during December to re-acquaint myself, probably film a video of it and perhaps release a hard-coded version with working random levels and the ability to re-start the level without quitting/restarting the game.

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